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height of 15' or 16' by a gradual slope from NW. [North West]
and with scarp at an angle of 33° at the SE [South East]. The
highest level continues for a distance of about 65'
with a narrow crest of an average breadth of 8'
expanding slightly towards its SE [South East] end forming
a plat with a breadth of about 10'. At the
base of the ridge at both ends and along a
part of the W. [West] side there is visible the
remains of a trench some 18' to 19' in width
and with a depth of from 2' to 3'.

Mahers Hill Moat or "The Beacon".
Situated on a grassy plateau at the base
of Ardwell Hill, a low spur of Cairnsmore of
Fleet, and 1 m. [mile] N. [North] of Cairnsmore House
at an elevation of 372' over sea level
is an oval mound which appears to be
formed of earth & stone. It is a simple truncated
cone rising to a height of 14' with a slope of
40° and measuring on its level summit
46' by 30'. There is no trench around its
base nor mound around the edge. Down
the glen of the Cairnsmore Burn the site commands
a view of the upper end of Wigtown Bay.

Ancient Dyke. Caimsmore
Running across the W. [West] face of the N. [North] portion of Cairnsmore
at about the 1600' elevation and in a
general direction NW [North West] & SE. [South East] are the remains
of a massive stone dyke. It is raised on
a foundation about 5'.6" in breadth formed

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