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[Opposite page - text inserted] and measuring some 12' in diameter, while 30 yds [yards]
to the Westward of the latter is a low mound of
earth & stone overgrown with grass of similar diameter and about
1 1/2' high. Among the ferns which cover the
top of the ridge adjacent to the mounds there
is observable the low bank of a small enclosure.
[Margin] Kirkcowan Craighlaw.
Standing in the path which leads towards
Craighlaw from the NW. [North West] is a tall angular
block of whinstone 6'.11" in height known as the
"hanging stone". It was taken from an
adjacent spot where it formerly lay & erected in its
present position some years ago.


11 July 1911.
Though I still have a day or two's work in
Wigtown I have been tempted by the fine
weather to commence my survey in the hill
country of the Stewarty.

Minnigaff Par. [Parish] Cairn Clauchaneasy (9)
On the N. [North] side of the branch road which
leads to Minniwick, about 100 yds [yards] WSW [West South West] of
its junction with the road to Borgan and
at the base of a small rocky eminence lies
a round cairn with a diameter of 12' and
elevation of 1 1/2' constructed of large angular
pieces of stone gathered from the surface of
the moorland.

Cairn Cairnderry (15)
Some 3 1/2 ms. [miles] from Bargrennan on the road
to Barrhill, on a slight hillock to the
E [East] of the [--] burn & about 80 yds. [yards] N. [North] of the road
are the remains of a large cairn. Most
of the stones have been removed and the
site is overgrown with heather, the
remains of three megalithic cists however,
still exist. The cairn
is pearshaped lying with its longest
axis almost N [North] and S [South] and measures 92'
in length, 70' in breadth at 28' from the
S. [South] end - expanding to 81' at 40' - the removal
of the stones, however, renders exact definition

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