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Stairhaven Broch-like Structure.
The heughs to the S. [South] of Stairhaven rise to
an altitude of about 100' above the shore and
from them there project with sharp declivity
a number of narrow rocky ridges or spurs.
One of these has a broader termination
than the rest presenting a plat some 80' in breadth
before it drops sharply to the water some 30'
below, and on this there lie the ruins of a
circular broch-like structure so confused, how-
-ever, that its true character is only determinable
by excavation. On the N. [North] side at one or two
points small segments of the outer wall
face are exposed but the inner face is
entirely concealed as is also the exterior
on the S. [South] side. The structure appears
to be approximately circular measuring
39' from front to back by 42' across.
On the N. [North] side at right angles to one of the
exposed segments of wall a facing is exposed
for a distance of 3' inwards terminating at
12' from the exterior
but as neither a continuation nor return
of this wall was to be seen it is impossible
to say whether it marks the entrance to
a chamber or whether it indicates a wall crossing the
interior as in the structure at Slock Mill
in Kirkmaiden Parish The mass of debris

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