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formed on the end of a ridge running from
the S. [South] and terminating abruptly with an
elevation of from 20' to 30'. A trench some
30' wide has been excavated across the ridge
and along the flanks as far as the level
of the adjacent ground required it but where
the end of the ridge projected to a higher level
towards the N. [North] it did not appear to have been con:
:tinued. The depth of the trench where it
crosses the ridge is about 5' and along the
E [East] some 12' below the crest of the scarp and 5' below that
of the counterscarp. Along the edge of the enceint[e]
there has been a mound remaining to a height
of about 4' on the SE [South East]. The entrance appears
to have been over the ditch & through the
mound from the SW. [South West]. Within the wood
the site is so overgrown with bracken that the
details are not distinct.

Cup & ring Marks. Glasserton.
On the rough hill pasture between Broad Lane
wood to the W. [West] of Glasserton and the base of
Carleton Fell are a number of ridges of
outcropping rock lying parallel
in a direction from WSW [West South West] to ENE [East North East]. Towards

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