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and immediately in front of the scarp of the
central plateau are defences consisting of
two ramparts between these trenches.
These defences are
carried segmentally across the peninsula
from the S. [South] to meet the rocks on the N. [North]. The
entrance has been direct through the defences
near the centre. The inner trench measures
26' in width, the intermediate one 22' and
outer one 8' while the two inner mounds
measure at base 20' and 16' respectively
and the outer one much less. The amount
of stone which lies at the bottom of the middle
trench suggests that the inner mound has
either been faced with stone or surmounted
with a parapet while similar debris at
the base of the inner scarp indicates a
similar feature. In the interior at the E. [East] side
close by the rocks there are the remains
of a structure of some kind and there are
other indications of foundations on the plateau.
The kirk of St. Ninian falls to be noted by
Mr. MacGibbon. Structurally it is uninter:
:esting and the dressed sandstone quoins
recently used to repair it give it almost a modern air.

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