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29th June 1911.
Motored with MacGibbon & co. [company] to High Balfern
and got a plan & sections made of the fort
and also made additional notes on the cup &
ring marks. In the middle of our work the rain
began to fall in torrents & we had to abandon
the rest of our work.

30th June 1911.
Whithorn Par. [Parish] Rock Sculptures Gallows Outon. Unnoted.
There is noted by Dr. [Doctor] George Wilson a sculptured
rock surface on the gallow Hill near the site
of the chapel at Outon. The rock is said to
be situated about 100 yds. [yards] SW. [South West] of the supposed
site of the chapel and to measure 11'.6" x 3'.6".
If it still exists the rock is overgrown with
grass and nothing is known of the sculptures
at the farm.

Court Hill Skeog. Unnoted.
In a grass field about 120 yds [yards] SW. [South West] of Skeog
farm is a ridge of rock running NE [North East] and SW [South West]
and terminating in a rocky scarp some 15' in
height at NE [North East] end. The ridge towards the SW. [South West] end
has been cut across with a trench some 12' wide
which suggests that the summit of the rock
may have been utilised as the site of some
defensive construction. It is irregularly circular and measures some
46' by 41'.

Standing Stone Little Balsmith Unnoted.
On the W. [West] side of the road from Whithorn
to Portyerrock and in the field W. [West] some 80' SE. [South East]

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