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runs a narrow terrace which has probably formed
the original entrance to the interior : a break in
the outer rampart near the centre being probably
secondary. The ramparts have been of earth
and stone and have been much reduced in height & spread by
ploughing. (This fort may be compared with
that near Leswalt. Its dimensions may be taken
from Mr. Macgibbon's plan)

16' Augt. 1911
Tongland Carved stone
Built into the front wall of a cottage at the
roadside near the north Lodge of Argrennan
House is a portion of a sculptured stone
bearing an interlacing design of late
character. The stone measures 1'.6" by 1'.

Twynholm Mote.
At the head of the village of Twynholm is a
small mote hill apparently formed for the
most part of forced earth. It is situated at the
edge of the bank of a burn which flows past
some 20' below. The mound rises above the
bank to a height of 18' and has been in form
a truncated cone with a diameter of about 60' at base but it has been much reduced
in size at various points to make room for the
passage of carts and for the accommodation
of the litter of the croft which is situated close
beside it. The summit which is flat now
measures 47' from E [East] to W. [West] by 38' from N [North] to S [South].
Much damage has been done to this mote

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