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similar wall has descended the slope in that direction to a
rock at the side of another creek
and is thence continued Southward across
the creek. The mound and platform from
which these walls descend are connected
seemingly around the seaward side of
the hillock some 20' below the summit by
a ledge which may have carried a wall as
large flat stones are visible here and there
along its course. There is no water on
the hillock but a burn flows into the sea
about 100 yds. [yards] to the Southwards.

Leswalt Par. [Parish] Fort High Auchneel Unnoted.
(See Ayr & Wig. Arch Coll. V. 69. plan)
On the shore about 1/2 m [mile] WSW. [West South West] of High Auch:
:neel farm is a small promontory fort formed
by a single trench some 18' broad and 5' deep
drawn across the neck which has a width
of about 30'. The top of the promontory within
this defence is a fairly level area some 80'
in length by 50' in breadth with a rapid fall
beyond to a point of jagged rocks rising some
20' to 30' above the sea. The flanks of the fort
are unscaleable cliffs some 50' to 60' in height.

Fort. Saltpans Bay. (5)
Across Larbrax Moor and a mile W. [West] of
the Lodge at the entrance to Lochnaw Castle
is Saltpans Bay engirt by the high heughs

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