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and on the S. [South] side the old ridges & furrows
are quite distinct. Of fortification there is
little trace. From N. [North] round towards the SW. [South West]
there are two distinct terraces separated by a
slight glacis 14' broad with a fall
of about 5'. The upper terrace measured where
most distinct was 24' broad and the lower
one at the same place 19' broad. There are no signs
of trenches or ramparts associated with them.
(I wonder if these have been old cultivation terraces
which have been obliterated on the S. [South] side of the hill.)

Mote. Gerranton.
By the roadside in a cultivated field and
about 100 yds [yards] SW. [South West] of Gerranton Farm is a
circular flat topped mound with a height of
from 5' - 6' above the general field level on the N. [North]
less on the W. [West] and merging into the natural
fall of the ground on the S. [South]. On the E. [East] there
is a ledge which may have been a terrace.
The whole has been greatly reduced by ploughing
and its details are quite indefinite. The soil
over the top of the mound is in no way different
from that over the rest of the field suggesting
that the mound is probably a natural one
which has been adapted.

Dunyarg Fort.
In a thick fir plantation about 1/4 S. [South] of
Dunjarg farm house is a small circular

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