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McTAGGART'S ROCK McTaggart's Rock
McTaggart's Rock
John Brown
Richard Gibson
036 [Situation] 22 chains W by S [West by South] of Mull of Galloway Lighthouse
A rock which cannot be [attained] without the aid of a boat. It is Called after a person who formerly resorted to it while Angling.
Foxes Rattle
George Gordon
John Brown
036 [Situation] 10 chains west of Mull of Galloway Lighthouse
A wild and fearful precipice overhanging Inch Shannoch. It has been the resort of Foxes until a very late period. hence the name. -
James Brown
Richard Gibson
036 [Situation] 13 chains WSW [West South West] of Mull of Galloway Lighthouse
A Small inlet of the Irish Sea a short distance north west of the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

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