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Thomas A. Chochran
William Stewart
031 [Situation] About 1 5/8 miles SE [South East] of Logan House.
A small hill on the farm of Killumpha the Surface of which is arable land Situate near the north side of Terally Bricks works-
KirKbride Hill
KirKbride Hill
Thomas A. Chochran
James T. Johnston
Proprietors Rent Roll
031 [Situation] 1/4 mile SW by S [South West by South] of Kirkbride (farm house)
A Considerable hill on the farm of KirKbride the soil of which is arable land-
Terally Moat
Terally Moat
William Todd
William McGaw
John McGaw
Royal Engrs. [Engineers] Map 1819
Ainslies Map 1782
031 [Situation] 1 7/8 miles SE [South East] of Logan House.
A moat or eminence having the appearance of an artificial construction but is now partly trodden by cattle or appearently level or drawn [away] for Agricultural uses & it is not known by the oldest inhabitants if it is Artificial or Natural but a [little] to the NE [North East] about 7 chains, there is a Standing Stone said to be a grave stone, and when making a road near this place a number of Graves & Human Bones were turned up. This place was formerly in the farm of Killumpha which probably took it [name] from a Grave Yard or place of Worship being convenient to this place. It is now on the farm of Terally , the property of Col. [Colonel] McDowall of Logan.

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