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Kirk Home Hill
Kirkholm Hill
Kirkholm Hill
KirKholm Hill
John McCane
Alexander McColm
William Gibson Surveyor Logan
Thomas Kerr High Ardwell
Alexander Renny Low Ardwell
031 [Situation] About 7/8 miles NW [North West] of Logan House.
A considerable hill on the farm of Drumbreddan, the soil of which is arable land. -
DRUMBREDDAN BAY Drumbreddan Bay.
Drumbreddan Bay.
Drumbreddan Bay.
Dumbreddan Bay.
Alexander McColm
Thomas Gib
Proprietor's Rent Roll
Royal Engrs [Engineers] Map 1819.
Ainslie's Map 1782.
031 [Situation] 1 1/8 miles W.N.W [West North West] of Logan House.
A considerable Creek or Gully on the Sea Shore of the farm of Drumbreddan, it is not used as a landing place for vessels, the shore of which being Rocky.-
Drumbreddan Moss
Drumbreddan Moss
John McCane
James McVauy
Proprietors Rent Roll
031 [Situation] 3/4 Mile (nearly) N W [North West] of Logan House
A large moss on the farm of Drumbreddan, bounded on the South by the Parish boundary & Logan Moss. The property of Sir John McTaggart of Ardwell. -

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Druim bradan - Salmon hill

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