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CASTLE [Raveston] alex mckie.
wm mckie.
john henan.
mrs clark.
029 this name refers to the site of an ancient edifice which is thought to have been the old castle of ravenston, there can be little doubt but this is the ancient castle of ravenston but thiere is neither tradition or remembrance now connecte to it with the above name.
MAN WRAP thos dalrymple.
mr clark.
baillie blain.
mrs stewart.
029 this name applies to a rock and a thorn in a field of rocky pasture, situated at the base of barhullion hill, for the legendary tale connected with this rock see page 74 (nicluded in extras)

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man wrap.
this name applies to a rock and a thorn in a field of rocky pasture and is traditionally said to have derived its name from some man at the castle of the moor having been murdered there under the following circumstances;- at the church of kirkmaiden a certain bible was always left this man alluded? to made a wager that he would bring the bible away from the church ,and with that object in view he departed from the castle of the moor taking with a boy and an entire horse as an antidote to any supernatural agency. it is said that he succeeded in getting possession of the bible and it appears had returned thus far towards the castle the story goes on to say the man was found here .

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