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GHAIST HALL Ghaist hall
Ghaist Ha' or
Ghost Hall
Ghaist Hall
Ghaist Hall
Mr James Gibson factor
William Saunders
Ainslie's Map 1782
Plan 17 D
017 [Situation] 1 1/2 Miles N. by E [North by East] of Glenluce.
A Trigl. ◬ [Trigonometrical Station] on the farm of Ghaist hall
WHITE CAIRN White cairn
White cairn
White Cairn
Alexander Laggate
William T. Saunders
George Guthrie Esqr.
Ainslie's map 1782
017 [Situation] 1 m [mile &] 3/4 N.N.E. [North North East] of Glenluce & 1 Mile West of Carscreugh Castle.
A farm house one Storey high Slated Office [houses] thatched and in good [repair] There is a portion of [land] chiefly arable attached [to] Said house and is the property of the Earl of Stair -
Alexander McCulloch
William T Saunders
George Guthrie Esq.
George McHaffie
017 [Situation] 1 1/2 Mile N.N.E. [North North East] of Glenluce & 1 Mile S W of Carscreugh Castle.
A Farm house one storey high with office houses all slated and in [excellent] repair. There is also a farm of 120 acres of arable land attached the property of the Earl of Stair

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Parish of Old Luce
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31 - Ghaist Hall
27 - White Cairn
27 - Glenhoul

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