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MY LORD'S WELL My Lords Well
My Lords Well
My Lords Well
My Lords Well
My Lords Well
Mr J. McHaig
Mr Andrew McQueen
Mr Robert Strogan
Mr Archibald Geddes
George McHaffie Esqr.
013 [Situation] 1/2 Mile South of Newtonstewart.
A very old spring well on the right of the road from Newtonstewart to Wigton so called from the fact of a Lord Garlies having drank of its water, on a time when passing.
DRUMS OF BAR Drums of Barr
Drums of Barr
Drums of Bar
Mr Robert Strogan
H. McMuldroch
George McHaffie Esqr.
013 [Situation] 2 Miles South of Newtonstewart.
A tract of good land lying west of the White Carse of Barr, and east of the road from Newtonstewart to Wigton. It is at present comprised in two large fields.
BARRAER FELL Baraer fell
Barraer Fell
Baraer Fell
Baraer Fell
Fell of Barrawr
List of Properties 1842
George McHaffie Esqr.
Mr Robert McClymont
Robert Agnew
Ainslie's Map 1782
013 [Situation] 3 1/2 Miles West of Newtonstewart and South of Merton Hall. -
A considerable Rocky Hill on the farm of Barraer It Runs North & South.

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47 My Lords Well
48 Drums of Bar
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[Notes] "Drum". A knoll, a ridge
applied to little hills, which rise as ridges
above the adjacent ground. Dr Jamieson's Dictionary

"Barr". The top, the uppermost part of any thing. Gaelic Dictionary.

"Reamhar" big, great thick, of great circumference.
Gaelic Dictionary.

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