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Bushy Beil
Bush a - Beild or Vush of Beild
Thomas Morland
Robert Porteous
George McHaffie Esqr.
009 [Situation] 1/2 Mile N by W [North by West] of the Parish Church -
A Small dwelling house and about 5 Acres of land attached. occupied by James Dorman . The Property of Sir Andrew Agnew. This place is a sublet of the farm of Low Kirkland & was formerly Covered with bushes which was a place of Shelter for cattle
Kirkland Hill
Kirkland Hill
Revd. [Reverend] Thomas Bell
Robert Porteous
George McHaffie Esqr.
009 [Situation] 1 3/4 Miles (nearly) N. E. [North East] of Lochnaw Castle
A large hill or tract of high ground including the farm of High Kirkland & a portion of Low Kirkland & that of Bushy Beil
TOR OF CRAIGOCH The Tor of Craigach
Tor of Craigach
Tor of Craigach
Tower of Crag-ach
Kirkland Tor
Kirkland Tor
KIrkland Tor or
Tor of Craigoch
Revd. [Reverend] Thomas Bell Thomas Morland
William Ross
Chalmers Caled. [Caledonia] vol [volume] 3 page 356
Sir Andrew Agnew
William Cairns
George McHaffie Esqr.
009 [Situation] 1 1/2 Miles N E [North East] of Lochnaw castle
An ancient moat or mound Standing on Kirkland Hill its Summit commands an extensive view of the Surrounding district. It appears to have been a place of defence or an encampment. on it is a Trig. [Trigonometrical] Station called by Trig. [Trigonometrical] Party Weir Stone from the farm of Weirstone.-

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[Page] 21 -- Parish of Leswalt

Form 136
Page 83- Bushy Beild
81- Kirkland Hill
83- Tor of Craigoch

"Beild, Bield", Shelter; refuge;
protection.- Jamieson's Dictionary

See Remarks, on Mounts
of this description in Chalmer's
Caledonia Vol [Volume] 3 page 356
Where it is called a "Tower of

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