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Chapman Craig
Chapman's Craig
Mr. Gilbert McIlwrick
Mr. John McIlwrick
George McHaffie Esqr.
007 [Situation] on the Northern Hip of Urrall Fell
A rocky precipice on the farm of Urrall, over which is a pedlar or Chapman is said to have fallen out and Killed himself .-
CARSINDARROCH MOSS Carsindarroch Knowes
Carsindarroch knowes
Carsindarroch Knowes
Mr. Gilbert McIlwrick
Mr. William McNairn
007 [Situation] 3/4 Mile S.W. [South West] of The Snap
A number of rocky hillocks on the farm of Urrall and contiguous to the River Bladenoch
Ling Hollow
Ling Hollow
Ling hollow
Mr. Gilbert McIlwrick
Mr. William McNairn
Thomas Shaw
George McHaffie Esqr.
007 [Situation] 1/2 mile SW [South West] of the Snap
A deep and wide part of the River Bladenoch, at the meeting of the farms of Knowe, Carseriggan and Urrall.

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Parish of Kirkcowan -- [page] 9

Form 136
Page 27- Chapman's Craig
27 - Carsindarroch Knowes
27 - Ling Hollow

[Signed] W S Loop Secd. Corpl.
[Second Corporal] R S & M [Royal Sappers & Miners]

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