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rock and huge masses of boulders projecting from the slopes at the northern base of the hill is a Lime work with only one kiln at present in operation, several others being in a ruined state - the limestone is obtained from the interior of the hill, into which several levels run to works, and brought out in trucks on a narrow tramway, as soon as the lime is exhausted in one excavation a new level is opened into another part of the hill. -- On the Eastern and highest part of this hill is the remains of an Ancient Camp, but of what Kind, or to whom it is attributed is not Known. The Revd. [Reverend] J. Duns of Torphichen who taked great interest in these Ancient Remains Calls it a nondescript Camp it having neither the Quadrangular form of the Roman or the Circular form of the of the British Camps. __On the summit appears to have been a bank, formed of earth and stones, the West side being quite distinct, the N.W. [North West] Angle (on which is a Trig. [Trigonometrical] Station) is in very good preservation, but Eastward it merges gradually into a slight slope __Lower down, embracing a wide sweep of the hill is evidently the remains of the Vallum of a camp; the portion on the E. [East] side being in fine preservation, in this portion an Opening occurs, probably an entrance, it is not broken, but slopes in quite smothly _ the E. [East] side of the bank is very steep & merges into the slope of the hill which is here considerable, the inside slope is short & abrupt - The bank Can be traced all along the N. [North] side the fence being built into part of the way & on the S. [South] side a small portion remains also perfect- It is probable it surrounded the whole Hill - There is appearance of a trench now, whatever there may have been - There is no tradition concerning it.

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Bowden Hill continued -

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