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"On the top of Bowden Hill are the traces of a Camp with a deep trench Surrounding it. Some antiquarians
term it a Roman Camp but its circular or rather oval shape scarcely permits it
to be regarded as Roman. Some term it Danish which is at least equally improbable
as this district was never peculiarly Subject to the incursions of those invaders.
Tradition gives no information respecting it, and history is equally silent." -
New Stat. Acct. of Co. [New statistical Account of County] Linlithgow page 50.

"On the Buden hill are to be seen are top be seen the vestiges of an outer and inner
Camp: these are Such as are described by Tacitus, Annalium Lib. XII. Cap. 33 Tunc Montibus arduis & Si qua clementer accedi poterant in modum valli Saxa praestruit & praefluebat annis vado incerto." - Sibbald's History of Co. [County] Linlithgow, page, 26. -

"In Torphichen parish on Bowden Hill there was a Similar fort" (British fort) " the summit
of the hill was surrounded by double ramparts and entrenchments in a circular form and which may Still be traced." - Penny's History of Linlithgowshire page 28

"About a mile to the N.W. [North West] of this, (Druidical) altar is the hill of Boudane upon which are
evident marks of a military Station: The form of the Camp is oblong and round it is marked
in Armstrong's map of the 3 Lothians as a Danish Camp; the tradition of the country is that it is
Roman." Old Stat. Acct. [Old Statistical Account ] vol. 4 page 470.

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