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"As to the particular description of the parish I begin with the eastmost house of it the Kipps which in the old language signifies hills. The house stands upon the rising of the hill and in the midst of planting and gardens it is Sheltered from the north winds by the Hill of Coclereuf and is open towards the south. There are several vallies with springs and rivulets running through them between the Hills which afford a constant verdure there for the hills are often moistened with the vapours which descend from the coast and the other low grounds about it which settle on the tops of the hills and drop down on them when there is no rain in the neighbourhood etc. etc. - Sibbald History of Linlithgowshire, page 22

"Bedlormie has also been a place of considerable antiquity and some Strength. Its general structure resembles that of the border peels consisting of a single square tower the under storey of which is constructed with a vault or stone arch nearly fireproof for greater security against sudden and desperate assault. Such is also this Structure of Kipps on a smaller scale." - New Stat. [Statistical] Acat. [Account] of Linlithgowshire p. 51

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