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CHURCH Church Mr. Broomfield, Elder
Mr. E. Johnston,
Mr. A. White
002 [Situation] In the central part of the burgh of Queensferry
A plain substantial stone edifice erected by subscription in 1633 which date is over what was formerly the N. [North] entrance but now closed up, - on the W [West] end is a small belfry containing a bell on which is the following inscription. "Soli Deo gloria, Michael Burgerhuys makeit, David maerchant of Edinbruge, gifted this bell to the Kirk of the Queensferrie. Cursed be they that takes it frae here. Anno domino 1635." It was brought from Holland by the shipmasters. It is stated in the Statistical account that this church was built on the ruins of a very ancient Chapel, but I can glean no information respecting it. When repair the seats some years ago they found graves of children and adults under the floor of the building. It was the custom formerly of interring the dead in the body of the edifice. The only notice of it I could discover is in a title deed in the possession of Mr Broomfield baker and there it is called St Nicholas Kirk. Mr Miller of Linlithgow Town Clerk of Queensferry made out the deed.
The living is in the gift of the Magistrates and Town Council and £50 is allowed to the incumbent to rent a house, there is no manse.

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[Note on page] The date on stone in the church wall is 1633 quite plain. I have seen the charter belonging to Mr Broomfield. It is copied from the town Records the words are "St Nicholas' KirK and KirK yard." Mr Broomfield says that the present church is erected on the site of the "old KirK". It should therefore be written Church (1633) on the site of St Nicholas' KirK.
(Signed) M. Duggan C. Asst. [Civilian Assistant]

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