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Druids Temple
Druids Temple
Druids Temple
Remains of a Druid Circle
Revd. [Reverend] James Duns Torphichen
Revd. [Reverend] A. Bell D.D. [Doctor of Divinity] Linlithgow
Forrest's Co. [County] map 1817
Mr. James Young
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1843
Penney's Hist. [History] of Linlithgowshire
Chalmer's Caledonia
005 [situation] 46 chains NW by N [North West by North] of Wardlaw

This is the remains of a Druids Temple. It is composed of five large stones: three for a base and two on the Top. The two forming the top are said to have been originally one, but was broken by lightning or some other cause. There are Several large stones around this Temple, embedded in the ground, which are Conjectured to have formed a "Druidical Circle" - when Complete; if so, some of the Stones must have been removed. Those that remain, however, are not arranged in regular order nor on end, as is usual in druidical Circles. The Westmost of these stones is on the Ph [Parish] Boundy [Boundary].

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[page] 5
Parish of Linlithgow -- Sheet 5 No. 11 -- Trace 1

[Note] -- "There is at the end of the inclosure of the Kipps an ancient
altar of several great stones so placed that each of them
does support another and not one of them could stand
without the support of the other. The broad stone upon
which the sacrifice was offered looks to the South near to this
altar is a circle of stones with a large stone or two in the middle
this was a temple in ancient times and our word Kirk is from
Circus the round position of the stones many such may
be seen all over the Countrey." -- Sibbald's Hist. [History] of Linlithgowshire page 26

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