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SILVER MINE Site of Silver Mine
Site of Silver Mine
Site of Silver Mine
Mr. W. Kidd Craigmailin
Mr. Liddel Mid Tartraven
Mr. Russel Hilderston
etc. etc.
005 [situation] About 6 chains S.E. by E [South East by East] from Silvermine Farm House

This is the Spot where a considerable vein of Silver was discovered during the reign of one of the James's' (either James V or VI) who Empowered the proprietor to work it. A number of miners were accordingly brought over from Germany for that purpose And operations went on in a successful way when suddenly the affair was abandoned. The cause of this stoppage is not satisfactorily known. Tradition is divided on it. Some Say that it was owing to the workmen losing the proper direction of the strata through which the vein proceeded, others that it was through bribery; the most probable cause (which is least believed) is that the working was not remunerative enough. Silver has been found, in small quantities, in most of the old workings in Nth [North] Mine Lime Works but this is the spot Called "Silver Mine". The hole is now filled up With the debris of the Quarry

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Parish of Linlithgow -- Sheet 5 No. 15 -- Trace 3

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