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[Parish of Binning]
The present parish of Linlithgow comprehends the ancient parishes of Linlithgow and Binning
which were united after the Reformation, etc.
Of old Binning parish lay eastward of Linlithgow having its appropriate Church
In the ancient taxatio there is the ecclesia de Bynyn in decanatu de Linlithcu which was
assessed at two marks. From those intimations we may infer that this district formed in those
times a distinct parish which was subsequently annexed to the parish of Linlithgow. The
town had formerly two ministers to perform this double duty but one of them was dismissed
by the magistrates when it was forgotten that there were two parishes to be served. Binning
derived its name from the Gaelic Binn or Bein, a hill and this appelation was no doubt
applied to a neighbouring hillock and the diminutive of Bein is Bein-an a little hill. In October
1495 the lords auditors in parliament heard the suit of the executor of the parson of Bennin
claiming the tythes and other dues of the Church of Benain. In the 12th & 13th centurys the manor
of Bynyn belonged to the family of Lindsay, etc.
After the Reformation the parish of Binning was annexed to that of Linlithgow. -- Penney's Hist. [History] of Linlithgowshire.
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