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THE CROSS Continued 001 a splendid fountain, a facsimile of the original that was erected in 1620 which being much out of repair was replaced in 1807. It is hexagonal in form, and its elevations are in four divisions, diminishing as they ascend, the lower part rests on a low platform, raised two steps high and having twelve irregular Sides, Six sides being longer than the others. The Angles are decorated with clustered pillars rising from which are pagoda like pinnacles from a Square base and Carved with foliage, heads And other devices. On thee top of each division is a basin into which the water falls from the mouth of grotesque heads - each division is Connected at the Angles by moulded Arched Ribs of Stone, and the second division is Crowned at the different Angles by Six uncouth looking figures holding different emblems etc. One has a Scroll over his shoulder, containing "God save the King" One on the S. [South] side is holding a shield On which is raised, the dog and tree; another a drum etc. There are thirteen jets, exclusive of the Supply One Six in the Second division, Six in the third, And One in the Centre of the fourth which falls from a Small Cupola, resting on slender clustered Colums and the whole is Surmounted by a Unicorn rampant, holding a Scroll on which is a lion rampant on a Medallion The whole structure is elaborately Carved from base to summit with, foliage, Animals, birds, Angels, uncouth heads Thistles, fleur de lis, roses the human figure etc. etc. It is surrounded by a strong high iron Railing having twelve Sides fixed in flags, level with the Surface, and have also twelve sides but irregular in length in the railing on the South side is an upright flag stone, in which is

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Town of Linlithgow, 5 feet. Sheet 1, Trace 4

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