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The Shogbog
The Shogbog
Mr Glen
J. Hardy Esq
Mr Henderson
001 [Situation] N.E. [North East] of "The Palace" & forming part of Linlithgow Loch
This was a Small portion of the loch N.E. [North East] of the Palace, and forming a small recess which was used as a landing place, & when the Water was low there remained a shaKing quagmire from which the name Arose - this has been Cleared away & a Very Neat harbour with sloping banks Made in its place -
THE GIANT'S GRAVE The Giants Grave
The Giants Grave
The Giants Grave
Mr Glen
Mr Henderson
J. Hardy Esq.
[Situation] Close to "The Palace" On the East Side
This is a huge grave liKe Ridge on the East Side of the Palace And supposed to have formed part of the OutworKs for the defense of the East Side, it is very [steep] on the E. W [East, West] & N, [North] terminating at the S. [South] end with a few feet of an elevation - Its likeness to the fo[rm] of a grave gave rise to the Name which is well Known -

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Town of Linlithgow -- 5 feet Sheet 1 Trace 4

Shog-bog. A deep mossy
puddle often that through
which a Spring taKes its Course
Covered with a Coating of Closely
matted grass sufficiently Strong
to Carry a light person who by giving a Shog
produces a Continual undulating motion. - Scottish Dicty. [Dictionary]

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