West Lothian volume 36

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OS1/34/36/1 [Page] 1 PARISH OF KIRKLISTON SHEET 7. No. 1, 5, & 9. INDEX Names of Objects -- Pages Kirkliston Ph [Parish] --11 Boathouse Bridge -- 9 Carlowrie Castle -- 10 Foxhall -- 7 Puncheonlaw -- 5 River Almond -- 11 Wester Carlowrie -- 3 Wheatlands -- 9
OS1/34/36/2 [page] 2 Blank Page
OS1/34/36/3 WESTER CARLOWRIE Wester Carlowrie Wester Carlowrie Over Carlowrie John Muir Craigbrae John Stewart Forrest's Co. [County] map 1817 007 [situation] In the NE [North East] corner of the Parish of Kirkliston Close to the parish boundary. Two rows of Small Cottages one and two Stories high occupied by agricultural laborers.
OS1/34/36/3 [Page] 3 Parish of Kirkliston Sheet 7 No. 1 Trace 5
OS1/34/36/4 [page] 4 Blank Page
OS1/34/36/5 PUNCHEONLAW Puncheonlaw Puncheonlaw Puncheonlaw Puncheonlaw Mr. Hutchinson Proprietor Mr. Dickson Tenant Mr. Hill Farmer Easter Carlowrie Forrester's Co. [County] map 007 [situation] In the NE [North East] part of the parish of KirKliston and about ¾ Mile NW. by N. [North West by North] of Carlowrie Castle. This is the name of a house and stables on the farm of Wheatlands. It was formerly a farm steading, but now is occupied by servants of Mr. Dickson of Wheatlands. The proprietor is Mr. Hutchinson, Carlowrie Castle.
OS1/34/36/5 [Page] 5 Parish of Kirkliston Sheet 7 Plan 5 Trace 1
OS1/34/36/6 [page] 6 -- P Blank Page
OS1/34/36/7 FOXHALL Foxhall Foxhall Foxhall Capt. [Captain] Falconer Occupier Mr. Hill E [East] Carlowrie Forrest's Co. [County] Map 1817 007 [situation] About 54 Chains W by by S [West by by South] of Carlowrie Castle Foxhall is a plain building with offices, and a large garden, beautifully laid out and well kept, near the house are a few large trees. The present tenant is Capt. [captain] Falconer, late of Carlowrie. The proprietor is Mr. Inglis, WS [Writer to the Signet] Edinburgh.
OS1/34/36/7 [Page] 7 Parish of KirKliston Sheet 7 Plan 5 Trace 3
OS1/34/36/8 [page] 8 Blank Page
OS1/34/36/9 WHEATLANDS Mr. Dickson Tenant Mr. Hutchison Carlowrie Castle Proprietor Forrest's Co. [County] map 1817 007 [situation] About ¼ mile NE by N. [North East by North] of Carlowrie Castle This is a very large farm steading with thrashing machine driven by Steam. The dwelling house is of two stories, and there is a garden. The present tenant is Mr. Dickson and the proprietor is Mr. Hutchison, Carlowrie Castle
OS1/34/36/9 BOATHOUSE BRIDGE Boathouse Bridge Boathouse Bridge Boathouse Bridge Mr. Hutchison Carlowrie Castle Mr. Dickson Wheatlands Forrest's Co. [County] map 1817 007 [situation] About 18 Chains SSE [South South East] of Carlowrie Castle This bridge consists of seven arches and is thrown across the river Almond opposite Carlowrie Castle, Connecting the Counties of Edinburgh & Linlithgow. Before this bridge was built a boat was used for the Convenience of travelers etc. crossing the river, and from its being erected near the house where the boat was kept is was called the Boathouse Bridge.
OS1/34/36/9 [Page] 9 Parish Of KirKliston Sheet 7 No 5 Trace 4
OS1/34/36/10 CARLOWRIE CASTLE Carlowrie Castle Carlowrie Castle Carlowrie Carlowrie Mr. Hutchison Proprietor Mr. Dickson Wheatlands Forrest's Co. [County] map New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 007 [situation] In the NE [North East] part of the parish of KirKliston This Castle founded in 1852 is built after the Old Scottish Castellated style of Architecture, distinguished by short spires and Circular towers or abutments. On the South and west sides is a terrace Connected by 3 flights of steps with the adjoining grounds. West of the castle are the stables and other offices. North and east is the garden, which is large and tastefully laid out. Within the policy grounds are some large trees. The present proprietor is Mr. Hutchison, merchant Leith.
OS1/34/36/10 [Page] 10 Parish of Kirkliston Sheet 7 Plan 5 Trace 4
OS1/34/36/11 RIVER ALMOND River Almond See Name Books for 6 inch plans Co [County] Edinburgh
OS1/34/36/11 KIRKLISTON KirKliston Ph [Parish] See Name Sheets for Sheet 6 No 8
OS1/34/36/11 [Page] 11 Parish of KirKliston Sheet 7 No 9 [signed] James Carpenter C. Asst [Civilian Assistant] 23 June 1855 RD Kerr Capt RE [Captain Royal Engineers] 28 June 1855
OS1/34/36/12 [page] 12 -- Parish of Kirkliston -- Sheet VII No. 9 [Entry Scored Out] River Almond
OS1/34/36/13 [Page] 13 [Volume] 36 OS1/34/36 Co. [County] Linlithgow Sheet 7, No. 1, 5, & 9. Parish of KIRKLISTON [stamped] Ordnance M. S. Store Southampton 20 May 95 [1895]