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Blackness Castle
George Swanson Master Gunner
John Stark Chief Boatman
002 [Situation] In the extreme east part of the parish of Carriden.

A place seemingly of considerable strength erected on a rocky promontory at the East of Blackness Village It is surrounded by a strong wall said to be ten to twenty feet in thickness. It was built to resemble a ship in formation, and contains two batteries for Ordnance. One at the North side capable of mounting a Gun called the One Gun Battery and the other at the West side called the Spur Battery capable of mounting four Guns. There is no Ordnance at present in the Castle. The entrance to the Castle is through a narrow door or gateway immediately under the spur Battery and is defended by a strong wooden gate firmly put together by large iron bolts. There is both soldiers and Officers Quarters in the Castle, and is at present occupied by a Master Gunner and Private of Artillery together with a chief Boatman and crew belonging to the Coast Guard Service It is the Property of the Board of Ordnance

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Parish of Carriden -- Sheet 2 No. 9 -- Trace 3

[Note] -- "Blackness Castle which stands on a projecting promontory
into the Forth in the parish of Carriden was long a royal
fortress. It was one of the King's Castles during the reign
of Charles II whereof the Earl of Livinston was hereditary
constable and has remained one of the King's garrisons
even to the present time" -- Penney's Hist. [History] of Linlithgowshire page 83

[Note] -- "The period of its erection is unknown and
its history has been very imperfectly recorded.
It is a structure more characteristic of the
warfare of a ruder age than adapted to the
modern improvement in the Military Art." -- New Stat. Account. [Statistical Account] of Linlithgowshire page 68

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