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Grange Tavern
Alexander Learmonth Flesher Thirlstane
William Easton Publican Grangepans
001 [Situation] Nearly in the Central part of the village of Grangepans

A small house one story high with offices, all in good repair; having a large garden attached. Tenanted by William Easton, who is licensed to sell ale, porter. etc. The property of James John Caddell Esq. of Grange.
SCHOOL School (Subn.) [Subscription]
School (Subn.) [Subscription]
Thomas Dickson Schoolmaster Grangepans
Alexander Learmonth Flesher Thirlstane
001 [Situation] In the eastern end of the village of Grangepans

A large house three stories high and in good repair. The ground flat is used as a cellar, the next as the school room, which is large enough to afford accommodation for about 250, the average number of attendants is about 200. Thomas Dickson is the schoolmaster, he uses the upper flat for his residence. The branches taught are those usually taught in a country school. The schoolmaster's salary is composed of of a government allowance; and the school fees.He has the house and garden free, from James John Caddell Esq. of Grange. The schoolmaster receives 2d. from each individual employed on the works -- Iron Mines -- whether they have children or not; but those who have children, no matter how many, can have them educated for the above amount.

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