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Parish of Carriden -- Sheet 2 No 9 -- Trace 3

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IX [9] Act and Ratification in Parliament in favour of the Burgh of Linlithgow --1661

* * * * "with the foresaid Port of Blackness and bounds thereto belonging: with
the houses, biggings, and yards in Blackness of old pertaining to the said burgh And
whereof they, and, their predecessors, past of all memory and in time byegone has been
in possession, with all Customes, anchorages And all other Casualties, pertaining
And belonging to ane free port, with all fruits, rents, lands, profites and Emoluments
whatsomever pertaining and belonging to the Chaplainry Called "St Ninian in
the said village of Blackness and right of Patronage within the Naill bounds,
Meaths and Marches of the same, where of the said burgh has ever been in possession
of etc. etc. etc.

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