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Roman Camp or Station (Remains of) Roman Fort (or Station)
Roman Fort (or Station)
Roman Fort (or Station)
Roman Fort
Revd. [Reverend] D. Flemming Ph. [Parish] Manse
Adam B Dorward Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster
Mr Davidson Steward Carriden
Forrest's Co. [County] map 1817
001 [Situation] A few chains South of Walton

A Roman Station or encampment on a small eminence, at the south side of Walton Farmhouse, (the place where the present Stackyard stands) It seems to have been of a rectangular form and has the appearance of having been surrounded by a ditch but it is so defaced and levelled at the present time, that a correct idea Cannot be formed of its works of defence There is no doubt but it was a Roman Station, but is supposed to have been of Minor importance There is no probability that the great Roman Wall from the Forth to the Clyde ever came to this station

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[page] 55
Parish of Carriden -- Sheet 1 No 12 -- Trace 5

[Note] -- "Several years ago when digging for stones to build a
park wall a number of axes, pots, and vases, evidently
of Roman workmanship were discovered at a placed
called Waltoun and sent to the Advocates Library
in Edinburgh." -- Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland.

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