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MINGLE PIT Minggel Pit
Minggel Pit
Mingle Pit or Engine Pit
Mingle Pit
Mingle Pit
Mingle Pit
William Learmouth Borrowstoun Farm
Alexander Learmouth North Bank.
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Co. [County]
H. Caddell Esqr Grange House
Mr. Davidson Factor Carriden
Revd. [Reverend] D. Flemning Carriden
001 [Situation] 33 Chains NW. by W. [North West by West] of North Bank

An extensive Iron and Coal Mine On the farm of South Kinglass In the possession of Mr. Wilson and property of the Duke of Hamilton There are from 6 to 8 horses Kept continually below ground here for the purpose of drawing the Iron stone and Coal from where the Miners are working to the bottom of the shaft from whence it is raised to the surface by means of an Engine, The shaft is about 70 fathoms deep.
Burn Pit
Mr. Deas Doghillock
William Learmouth, Barrowstoun Farm
001 [Situation] 24 chains NW by W. [North West by West] of North Bank

An Iron and Coal Mine a short distance East of the Minggel Pit, it is also extensively worked. by Mr. Wilson and is the property of the Duke of Hamilton It derives its name from being sunk near a small stream which runs at the East side of it

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