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Grange Pans
George Caddell Esq. Cowdenhill House
John Anderson Merchant Bo'ness
Forest''s Co. [County] map
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
001 [Situation] In the N W [North West] corner of the Ph. [Parish] of Carriden

A large village, composed of houses One, two, and three stories high; all in good repa [repair] having gardens attached. Cowdenhill, and Thirlestane are now considered as portions of Grangepans, but at one period they were three distinct villages, but have become united through building operations. There is one school, 5 grocers, 1 flesher, 4 public houses, and the Salt Works; the latter trade has greatly diminished since the duty was taken off salt there is now only 4 individuals employed at the works. The inhabitants are chiefly miners, who are employed at the su [surrounding] Iron Mines. The population is about 850. The village has a very bad supply of water, the whole of the wells being drained by the surrounding mines. There are two large reservoirs for holding saltwater, for the use of the Salt Works. It (the village) is tenanted, and feued from James John Caddell Esq. of Grange. Its etymology, is grange, from Grange House and pans from the Salt Pans on the estate of Gran [Grange] which are situated in the middle of the town. The ironstone, and coal, that is worked on this estate, are shipped at Bridgeness Pier, and forwarded to the Iron Works, etc. with which the proprietor is connected; there being no furnaces on the estate. The ironstone is chared before sent away.

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