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Site of LAUGHING HILL Site of the Laughing Hill (Tumulus)
Site of the Laughing Hill (Tumulus)
Site of the Laughing Hill (Tumulus)
Mr Rutherford Schoolmaster Upper Kinneil
Mr Thompson Farmer, Upper Kinneil
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
001 [Situation] About ¾ mile SSW. [South South West] of Kinneil House.

A small eminence in a field on the farm of Upper Kinneil a short distance East of the farm house, On its being removed in January 1830, there were found four Stone Coffins and four Urns. In the Urns were found Calcined bones and in the Coffins Ashes. Neither coffins or Urns have been preserved. There was particular Search made for Coins or other Relics but nothing of the kind were found. The present School And Farm of Upper Kinneil were from the time the Knoll began to be taken away untile it was altogether removed. The Knoll was Composed of small stones intermixed with Clay and was 54 feet diameter by 8 or 9 feet in height, I can supply the original document from which the Statistical Acct. [Account] was taken if it be thought necessary. [initialled] J.E

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"Near the farm Steading of Upper Kinneil and a little South of the
Roman Wall there was a small tumulus or Cairn locally Known by the
name of the Laughing Hill. On its being opened to obtain Stones for
drains four stone coffins and four Urns were found. The coffins
contained black mould and the urns which were full of human bones
were inverted and placed upon flat stones. Probably the bodies were
burned and after the calcined bones were collected and put into the
urns the remaining ashes were put into the coffins. The bones when
first discovered were almost white but when exposed to the air they
very soon became black and crumbled to dust. Several pieces
of charcoal were found amongst them." -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Linlithgow page 129.

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