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The celebrated James Watt matured Some of his improvements on the Steam Engine duri [during]
his residence at Kinneil House. In 1769 Mr. Watt on the recommendation of Dr. Black of
Glasgow entered into an engagement with Dr. Roebuck of Carron Ironworks, a man
equally eminent for kindness of heart ability and enterprise. Dr. Roebuck at this time
rented the coal works on the estate of Kinneil. Under the Superintendence of Mr. Watt a small
Steam-engine was constructed at Kinneil House. The Cylinder was of block &. was 18 inches
diameter. The first experiment was made at one of the Coal mines and the action of the engine
far surpassed even the Sanguine expectations of the proprietors. Indeed so great was Watt's
success that he procured a patent for Saving Steam &. fuel in fire-engines. Another place hower was
destined to be the field of his prosperous career. The pecuniary difficulties in which Dr. Roeb [Roebuck]
became at this time involved checked the proceedings at Kinneil and soon afterwards Mr. Watt
formed a connection with Mr. Boulton under the celebrated firm, Boulton, Watt &, Co, [Company] So [Soho Foundry]

The building at Kinneil in which Watt constructed the improved engine Sti [Still]
remains, -- Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Linlithgowshire 1843 page 131-2-

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