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TOWER Old Vault Mr Rutherford SchoolmasterUpper Kinneil
Mr. Thompson Inneravon
001 [Situation] About 5 chains west of Inveravon

An old circular building a short distance westward of the farm house of Inneravon, It seems to have been strongly built, as the wall is between three and four feet in thickness It is supposed to be the remains of a Roman Watch Tower, and the supposition is borne out by its being on the Eastern end of what seems to have been at one time, a large encampment or Military Station, evidently from its appearance Roman, There are none in this locality ever heard tell of a Castle being erected here,

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Parish of Borrowstownness -- Sheet 1 -- No 9 -- Trace 2

[Note] From enquiry lately made in the locality concerning
this object and from the remarks of, late topographical
writers it appears to be the general belief that it is
the remains of Some baronial residence the owner
of which is long since forgotten. The remains at present
existing is that of a circular tower about 15 feet high
and which originally must have been much higher.
Therefore Tower (Remains of) is now recommended to
be written on plan.

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