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North Hainnings
North Hainnings
A Kirkwood Farmer Hainings
George Kirkwood Farmer North Hainings
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001 [Situation] In the west end of the parish of Borrowstounness

A small farm house one story high, with offices and thrashing machine, all in good repair. There is a garden, and a small arable farm attached. Tenanted by George Kirkwood; the property of the Duke of Hamilton.
CRAIGENBUCK QUARRY (Sandstone) Craigenbuck Quarry
Craigenbuck Quarry
A Kirkwood Farmer Hainnings
George Kirkwood Farmer North Hainnings
001 [Situation] 9 chains South of North Hainnings

A small sandstone quarry situated a little to the west of Hainnings farm house; and on the property of the Duke of Hamilton. It is not at present being worked. It owes its name to the circumstance of being near a rock called Craigenbuck, which rock has been removed during the opperations of the quarry.

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