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Supposed Site of FORT [Binns Hill] Supposed site of Fort (ancient) George Sturton
W. McQueen
James Robertson
002 [Situation] On the top of Binns Hill.
This is supposed, by the authorities quoted, to be the site of one of the Ancient Forts of the Origl. [Original]Inhabitants; they also think that is must have been Occupied by the Romans, either as a Camp or for Observation; but there is nothing positive as to Either in the Scant tradition transmitted. There is nothing at present of Escarpment or trenches [?] that Could be etched as a Fort, the Surface having been several times ploughed and otherwise improved. Binns Tower Stands within the Supposed Site of this Fort.

"There also appears to have been a fort of the same people (the Gadeni) on the top of the Binns Hill." Chalmer's Caledonia

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