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Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass
Mr. John Sutherland
Mr Macintosh
096 This name applies to a croft house situated in the district Known as Achcork, the dwelling house is one story high with suitable out offices, the whole are thatched, and in fair repair. His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, proprietor.
Site of CONFLICT OF ALLTNABETH (A. D. 1542) Conflict of Alltnabeth
Conflict of Alltnabeth
Conflict of Alltnabeth
Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass
Mr Donald McKay, Braegrudie
Mr. Macintosh
Mr. John Sutherland
096 This name applies to an antient battlefield situated in and about the district of Cnocarthur. This conflict took place about A. D. 1542 between Donald McKay of Strathnaver, and the followers of the Earl of Sutherland. "In 1542 Donald McKay attacked the village of Cnocarthur, which he burnt down and at the same time plundered Strath Brora. To oppose his farther progress, Sir Hugh Kennedy collected as many of the inhabitants of Sutherland as the shortness of the time would permit; and, being accompanied by Gilbert Gordon of Gartey, John Murray of Aberscors, his son Hutcheon Murray, and Mac Mhic Sheumais of Killeirnan, he attacked McKay quite unawares near Allt na-beth, (this name is unknown at present) Notwithstanding this unexpected attack, McKay's men met their assailants with great firmness, but the Strathnaver men were ultimately obliged to retreat with the loss of their Booty, and a great number of Slain, among whom was John MacKean-Mac-Angus, chief of Sliochd-Mhic Ian-Mhic-Hutcheon, in Edderachilis, Donald McKay was closely pursued but he retreated with great skill, and, in the course of his retreat, Killed William McWilliam, who pressed hard upon him, with his own hands, though closely pressed by Gilbert Gordon & Hutcheon Murray, he made good his retreat into Strathnaver" (See Brown's history of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans pages 185 & 186).
His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, proprietor.

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County of Sutherland -- Parish of Rogart

Conflict of Alltnabeth [Note]
Ought not "site of" of Conflict of Alltnabeth
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