List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Rvd [Reverend] J. Joass Golspie
Mr Hall Blarich Rogart
Mr A. Bain Corryauchavreal Rogart
104 This name applies to a small district comprising about half a dozen small farmhouses, with suitable offices attached. It is situated in Strathfleet about 2½ miles west of Rogart Railway Station. They are all one storey high, some are slated, and some thatched, and all in fair repair. Duke of Sutherland, Proprietor
ROSSAL 1 - inch Revision October 1894 Rossal Donald McLean Esq. factor Golspie 104 See 1-inch Name list of sh. [sheet] 103 submitted to him
CRUINN NAM MARBH (Grave Yard Disused) Cruinn nam Marbh
Cruinn nam Marbh
Cruinn nam Marbh
Rvd [Reverend] J. Joass
Mr Hall
Mr A. Bain
104 This name applies to an old public burying ground, now disused, since A.D. 1818. It is situated on a grassy knoll in an arable field, near Blarich, and about 100 yards North of the River Fleet. The name signifies the Mound of the Dead.

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County of Sutherland -- Sheet 104/1 -- Parish of Rogart

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