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Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Joass, Golspie.
Me. W. McDonald, Schoolmaster, Rogart.
Mr. H. Ross, Post Master, Pittentrail.
104 Applied to a croft house situated in the district of Rogart a short distance northwest of the Ph. [Parish] Church. It is one story high slated & in fair repair. Property of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
CHURCH [parish] Church
Mr. McDonald.
Mr. H. Ross.
104 Applies to the Parish Church, which is situated in, and about the center of the district of Rogart, & adjacent to the County Road. The building was erected A.D. 1777 and is seated for 300 it is of rectangular shape slated & in good repair. On the Property of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
Mr. McDonald.
Mr. Ross.
Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass, Manse, Golspie.
104 Applies to the land connected with the above Church [Rogart Parish Church], it is bounded on the North. East & South by a stone wall & on the West by the Co. [County] Road. The church & manse are within the Gle... Property of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland. The property of the State Church.
HUMAN REMAINS AND A GOLD ORNAMENTED DAGGER BLADE FOUND HERE A.D. 1853 [Rogart manse] 104 A short distance East of the Manse Human remains, together with an Iron Dagger Blade ornamented with Gold, was found A.D. 1853.

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County of Sutherland Ph. [Parish] of Rogart

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