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Parish of Lairg -- Sutherland

This sheet of [Reinbric] to be put in Name Book

O.S.O. Balnain Ho. [House]
29th. July 1873

No. -- Remarks on the Plan, &c. -- Replies

Plan 85/1.
1 -- N. [Name] Book page 5._ Claise na Beinne _ suggested to be written Clais na Bienne -- 1 Approved

Plan 85/15
2 -- N. [Name] Book, p [page] 14._ Achad a' Phris _ suggested Achadh a' Phris -- 2 Approved

Plan 76/13
3 -- N. [Name] Book page 18._ Am Breac-leathaid _ suggested spelling. _Am Breac-leathiad -- 3 Approved
Note _ Adjectives do not govern the noun in the gen. sing. [genitive singular]

Plan 94/16
4 -- Name Bk. p. [Book page] 57._ Eilean na Chraoibhe. _ suggested spelling Eilean na Craoibhe. _ -- 4 Approved

Plan 102/4
5 -- N. Bk. [Name Book] p. [page] 74._ Allt Dhomhain suggested spelling. Allt Domhain -- 5 Approved

Remarks on the Plans, &c. [Column Note]
The above plans, or other
documents pertaining, need not
be sent with these few Remarks
If the suggestions be approved
the necessary corrections on Plans may
be made at this office.

Captain Coddington
Royal Engineers
F & T 400 5-72

Replies [Column note]
Very good. The above are solely
caused through clerical errors
in transcribing the names from
Gaelic Name Lists to Name Books.
Gaelic excepted

Lieut. Colonel R.E. [Lieutenant Colonel Royal Engineers]
24, July 1873

C.B. Coddington
Captain R.E. [Royal Engineers]
29. July 1873

[Marginal note right hand side of page]
Names on Plans Corrected.
James Carpenter
1st. August 1873

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