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ALLT A' MHADAIDH-RUAIDH Allt a' Mhadaidh-Ruaidh
Allt a' Mhadaidh-Ruaidh
Alt a Vaddy-ruaigh
Mr. M. McKay Shepherd Cnocan By Lairg
Rev [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Morrison's County Map
086 A stream having its source a short distance West of Sithean Achadh nan Eun and after running in a northerly direction for a distance of about two miles it enters Allt Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile It signifies the "Fox Burn" His Grace the Duke of Sutherland proprietor
LÒN NA CLOICH-BHUAILE Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile
Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile
Loan na-clachvoil
Rev [Reverend] J M. Joass, Manse Golspie
Mr. Murdoch McKay, Shepherd Cnocan
Morrison's County Map
086 This name applies to a portion of rough pasture land situated upon both sides of Allt Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile its length is about one and one half miles and its mean breadth is about one fourth mile. It signifies the "Meadow of the stone stall"
ALLT LÒN NA CLOICH-BHUAILE Allt Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile.
Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile
Mr. M. McKay
Rev [Reverend] J M. Joass
086 Applies to a stream having its source in the hill known as Sithean Achadh nan Eun and known as Allt Geal it runs in a Northern direction for a distance of about one and one half mile after which it takes a sudden turn to the West and is known as Allt Lòn na Cloich-bhuaile from this bend until the confluence of the stream running out of Loch nam Fuar-leac when it takes the name of Fèith Osdail and enters the River Tirry. It signifies the "Stream of the stone stall meadow."

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County of Sutherland -- Parish of Lairg

Cloich-bhuaile [Note]
Cloiche-buaile [Inserted]
Not according to Rule see Forbes's Gaelic
Also Dr. [Doctor] Stewart, Munro, &c

Cloich-bhuaile [Note]
Cloiche-buaile [Inserted]
The same as Leathad na Cloiche Moire
see page 49

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