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Meall Eachainn
Rvd. [Reverend] J. Joass Golspie
Mr. A. Bain Corryauchavreal Rogart
103 This name applies to a large hill, situated about 1/2 mile northeast of Loch an Làraich The name signifies Hectors Hill The property of his Grace the Duke of Sutherland
MEALL AN FHEADAIN 1- inch Revision oct. 1894. Meall an Fheadain
Meall an Fheadain
Meall an Fheadain
Mr. Andrew Ross late shepd. [shepherd] Torboll over 80 years old.
Duke of Sutherland's Map of the County.
Mr. William Grant Clashcoig
103 This name signifies Hill of the narrow hollow or pass.
FILLEADH-FRAOICH Filleadhfraoich
Rvd. [Reverend] J. Joass
Mr. A. Bain
103 This name applies to a shepherd's house, situated about a quarter of a mile east of Loch an Làraich It is one storey high, thatched, and in very indifferent repair. The name signifies The ply of heather. His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, Pro. [Proprietor].
ALLT A' GHAOIR SHEILICH Allt a' Ghaoir Sheilich
Allt a' Ghaoir Sheilich
Allt a' Ghaoir Sheilich
Allt a' Ghaoir Sheilich
Allt na Girhellich
Duncan McPherson Pittentrail
Robert Mackay Strathan
Angus McKenzie Rogart
Rev. [Reverend] J.M. Joass L.L.D. [Doctor of Laws] Golspie
Map of Sutherland 1852
103 Applies to a small stream running into Loch Buidhe from the north about 30 chains from the west end of the loch. supposed to mean "Rapid burn of the willow" - supplied at the Boundary Exhibition held at Golspie 22.23 Jan [January] 1878.

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County Sutherland -- Sheet 103

Filleadh-fraoich [note]
Please correct this name on Plan 103
which is at Southampton [initialled]

Cnoc Garbh-airidh [note]
See p. [page] 26.

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