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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ALLT AN RIDHE CHREAGAICH Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Robert McKay, Strathan
Angus McKenzie, Rogart
Rev. [Reverend] JM Joass LLD [Doctor of Laws] Golspie
104 Means "Burn of the rocky place", and Applies to a small stream running into Allt Lochan Iain Bhuidhe from the north near Daileag an Loin.
CREAG NA CHAOL-INNSE Creag na Chaol-innse
Creag na Chaol-innse
Creag na Chaol-innse
Creag na Chaol-innse
Craig Chaolishie
Robert Mackay
Angus McKenzie
Duncan McPherson, Pittentrail
Rev [Reverend] JM Joass LLD [Doctor of Laws]
Map of Sutherland 1852
Map of Skelbo Estate 1787.
104 Means "rock of the narrow meadow," & Applies to a precipitous part of the hill north of Strath Carnach about 1 1/2 miles west of Brae. (Possibly this name should have been collected for Creag Sgoilte, shewn on plan to the north-west, which no one on the ground recognises. The meadow land south of the Craig, once inhabited, was formerly known as Caol-innis, the narrow meadow).
DALNAMAIN 1- inch Revision october 1894. *Dalnamain Donald McLean Esq. factor Golspie 104 See 1-inch Name list of sh. [sheet] 103 submitted to him
DALNAMEINE Dail a'chnamein
*Dalnamain or Dalnameine
*Dalnamain or Dalnameine
*Dalnamain or Dalnameine
Ordnance Survey as collected by Examiner
D. McPherson
A. McKenzie
Robert Mackay
Rev. [Reverend] JM Joass LLD [Doctor of Laws]
Maps of Sutherland 1833 & 1852
Sketch of Torboll Farm 1852
Thomson's County Atlas 1823
Map. "Origines Parochiales"
104 See description in Name Book. means "Dale of the mineral" but has been Anglicized.
See "Craig Dail na Méine" to the Northwest of this place on plan, which is correct: I do not know why the examiner changed the name of the place (from which the Creag takes its name) to Dail a'chnamein.

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