List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CNOC LOCHAN lAIN BHUIDHE Cnoc Lochan Iain Bhuidhe Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Joass.
Mr. A Bain.
104 This name Signifies the Knoll of Yellow John's "Little "Loch, and applies to a heathy clad Knoll situated a short distance to the north of "Lochan "Iain "Bhuidhe. It is on the property of his Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
PICTISH TOWER (Remains of) [Brae] Pictish Tower (Remains of) Revd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass, Manse, Golspie
Mr. McKay, Shepherd, Dalnamain, Pittentrail, by Rogart.
104 This name applies to the remains of a Pictish Tower situated in Srath Càrnach adjacent to the dwelling house called Brae. The wall is circular and about 5 feet in height and about 8 feet in thickness, and the interior is full of loose stones.
BROUGH [Brae] Archaeologia Scotica Vol V Part I p. 190 [Volume 5 Part 1 page 190.] 104
CREAG NA CHAOL-INNSE Creag na Chaol Innse
Creag na Chaol Innse
Creag na Chaol Innse
Craig na Chaol Innse
Creag Chaolishie
Robert Mackay
Angus McKenzie
Duncan Macpherson Pittendrail
Rev. [Reverend] J.M. Joass. L.L.D. [Doctor of Laws]
Map of Sutherland 1852
Plan of Skelbo Estate 1787
104 "Rock of the narrow meadow" and applies to a precipitous part of the hill north of Strath Carnach about 6 1/2 miles W. [West] of Brae. This name supplied by Cap. [Captain] Macpherson R.E. [Royal Engineers] at the Exhibition of Boundaries held at Golspie 22. 23. Jan '78 [January 1878]

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