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DAILNAHEASAICH Dail na h-easaich
Dail na h-easaich
Rev. [Reverend] J M Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay Cnocan by Lairg
086 This name applies to a shepherds house situated beside an Crom allt about half a mile S [South] from where Allt nan Con-uisg joins the Same.
DALNESSIE 1-inch Revision October 1894. Dalnessie
Mr. McLean Esq factor Golspie
Mr. Alexander Sutherland Achnaluachrach
Mr. William McPherson Shepd. [Shepherd], Grumbly.
ALLT BAD RA'FIN Allt Bad Ra'fin
Allt Bad Ra'fin
Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay
075; 086 This name signifies the Burn of the cold flags, and applies to the small stream which enters an Crom Allt. NW. [North West] of Coire na Bruaiche
An Crom-Allt
Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay
075; 086 A large stream rising in the hills between "Glas Loch Beag" & "Sithean Freiceadain" and flowing southwards receives several smaller streams in its course till its confluence with "Alltan Con-Uisg" at the head of Strath Brora, from which point it forms the River Brora_
ALLT NAN CON-UISGE Allt nan Con-uisge
Allt nan Con-uisge
Rev. [Reverend] J M. Joass
Mr. Murdoch McKay
075; 086 A stream having its source in Sron Leathad a' chleamhnais-aite and an Crom-Allt a short distance north of Dail na h-casaich shepherds dwelling, it signifies the Burn of the Water dogs.

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County of Sutherland -- Sheet 86

Dail na h-easaich [Note]
Compounded to the house

Allt Bad Ra'fin [Note]
See name book of Sheet 56

Allt Bad Ra'fin [Note]
the Burn of the cold flags [circled]
wrong meaning [indicated]

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