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ALLT A' CHOIRE Allt a' choire
Allt a' choire
Revd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. W. Murray, shepherd Sallachy By Lairg
094; 102 Signifies the "stream of the Kettle hollow" and rises about 1/2 mile east of Cnoc a' Choire and flowing in a northerly direction falls into Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire about 3/4 of a mile west of Allt Loch na Caillich
COIR' AN T-SRATHA SHEACA Coir an t-Sratha Sheaca
Coir an t-Sratha Sheaca
Revd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. W. Murray
094; 102 Signifies the "corry of the Blasted Glen," and applies to a hollow lying on the south side of Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire Proprietor Sir James Matheson Bart. [Baronet].
SRATH A' GHRUDAIRE Srath a' Ghrùdaire
Strath Grudie
Revd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. W. Murray
094; 102 Is applied to a narrow district of country on both sides of River Grundie and extending from near the source of the latter to its junction with the River Shin Proprietor Sir James Matheson Bart [Baronet] Stornoway Lewis
STRATH GRUDIE Strath Grundie
Strath Grundy
For authorities see page 35
Duke of Sutherlands Map.
094; 102
ALLT A' MHUIC 094 For Authorities and description see Name Book of 1/2500 Work in Sheet 94

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County of Sutherland -- Parish of Lairg

Srath a' Ghrùdaire [Note]
Referred and the name in Red adopted by the Rev. [Reverend] J.M. Joass

[Signed] A.B. Coddington Capt R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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