List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AMHAINN A' GHRÙDAIRE Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Rev. [Reverend] J. M. Joass Golspie
Mr. William Murray Shepherd Sallachy, By Lairg.
093; 094; 102 Signifies the River of the Brewer or Distiller, has its source in Loch nam Faoileag and flowing in an easterly direction falls into the River Shin near the Mansion House of Achaney
RIVER GRUDIE 1-inch Revision October 1894. River Grudie
River Grudie
River Grudie
Mr. Donald McKay Gruids ex-ground officer
Mr. George Young farmer Invershin
Mr. George Ross Mason &c. Linsidemore
093; 094; 102
LOCH NA CAILLICHE Loch na Caillich
Loch na Caillich
Revd. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. William Murray
094 Signifies the old wifes Loch, and lies a short distance west of Cnoc Riabhach. At its western end lie several Small Islands, Allt Loch na Caillich has its Source in this. Proprietor Sir James Matheson Bart. [Baronet] Stornaway Castle. Isle of Lewis.
LOCH NAM FUAR-LEAC Loch nam Fuar-leac
Loch nam Fuar-leac
Revd. [Reverend] J M. Joass
Mr. William Murray
093; 094 Signifies the Loch of the cold ground and lies about 3/4 of a mile South of Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire It has a stream flowing from its eastern end and falling in to Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire Proprietor Sir James Matheson Bart. [Baronet] Stornoway Lewis.
LOCH NA FUARALACHD 1-inch Revision October 1894. Loch na Fuaralachd Mr. Donald McKay, Gruids, ex ground officer
Mr. Norman McDonald Keeper Lairg
Mr. Thomas Ross Shepd. [Shepherd] Dalchork.
093; 094

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