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ALLT CLACHAN RIGH Allt Clach an Righ
Allt Clach an Righ
Rev [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. James Mcbeath
044 A Small Stream flowing West into the "River Naver" a short distance North of "Poll Harraild Mòr" the name Signifies "Burn of the Kings Stone" property of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
TUMULI [3 times Allt Clach an Righ] Tumuli 044 There are 3 groups of Tumuli adjacent to the above. One on the South Side and two on the North. they are Composed of Earth and Stones and Are of the Ordinary dimensions
BLÀR NA FOLA Blàr na Fola
Blàr na Fola
Rev [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Mr. James Mcbeath
044 A Small district of Country in Strath Naver Situated about a mile N [North] of "Dail Harraild" name Signifies the "Field of Blood".
HUT CIRCLE [Allt Blàr na Fola] Hut Circle
044 A Hut Circle Situated in the above district And Close to the Side of "Allt Blár na Fola"
TUMULI [3 times, Blàr na Fola] Tumuli 044 Applies to Three groups of Tumuli situated in and adjacent to "Blàr na Fola" one on the South Side and Two on the North. they are of Ordinary dimensions and Composed of the Usual Materials

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Allt Clach an Righ [Note]
Clachan ?

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